About us


This is what I had written when we decided to start the blog almost 2 years back. Right now, I am not there yet; but hope to get back there and much further some day!

I travel to quench my thirst – thirst of my five senses and the sixth. To soak in the beauty of nature. My definition of nature? Includes man-made marvels too. Travelling takes me above cloud 9 and keeps me grounded to the earth; both simultaneously. Looking at Google maps makes me skip a beat with excitement – whether it’s a place I’ve visited or will be visiting or want to visit. Although I may not remember names of the places, people, restaurants, etc., I will remember that one scene which is forever engraved and that feeling which lasts forever. I think these days it has become more of a trend to say that we travel to experience different culture, blend with the locals, blah blah, but for me, it is connecting with my true self. I too love to read about the history of places; again I may not remember all that I read or hear or see, but I sure remember how that knowledge helps quench my thirst. My greatest strength (rather my only strength) is that I remember roads and how to get to places very well. I love retracing my paths again and again in memory. Travelling and closer at home, taking my dog for a walk, brings me closer to nature away from my pre-occupied thoughts. These are the joyful moments I live for. 


He left this world before writing an about me section, so, it’s all mine.

Life is long if you know how to use it – Seneca. Sh lived his life to the fullest and loved life. He travelled 29 countries in his 29 long years. He went away doing what he loved the most – travelling. He was an inquisitive and well-read kid who knew almost everything under the sun. His interest in life was evident in his curiosity and knowledge in various fields – travelling, food, technology, photography, music (English/Kannada/Hindi – oldies to newbies), shopping, animals, finance, sales, marketing, medicine, physics, art, movies, theatre, TV series, fitness, shoes, fashion, current affairs, home decor, sports, video games, hiking, philosophy, spirituality, scriptures, architecture, carpentry, gadgets, comedy, cycling, languages (was learning Spanish months back), all genres of books and many more. He put his best foot forward in everything he did. He always did what he felt worthwhile and never wasted time on unnecessary things and obligations.