Cotswolds – right out of a fairy tale

When I think of an ideal place to live, I dream of a cute house next to a clear stream, surrounded by meadows and trees, birds chirping, my dog lazing, tiny colourful flowers blooming in the sun and cool breeze in my hair. Cotswolds is all that and more (add sheep bleating). It is one of UK’s AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and truly so. This was our favourite place in England and here I share only photos as words do no justice to its beauty.

Motoring museum

This village even had a “Duck Crossing” sign board!
You are allowed to enter to take pics but…
Public footpaths passing through farms, crossing over rivers and opening into meadows
Met Rosy and Maggi on our way from Lower Slaughter to Upper Slaughter
Our happy place
A duck on its way to the Old Mill
At the Old Mill Museum gift shop
My sh loved reflections
Lost in one of the “Slaughters”
Exploring Chipping Campden through Rick Steve’s guided walk
Baskets used to feed horses – Chipping Campden
Window shopping in Stow-on-the-Wold
One of the very few Bus stops
Snowshill – a pretty piece of cake

A secret way to the Broadway tower is to park your car on Fish Hill road and walk to the tower. It is a part of the 102-mile Cotswold way.

As you walked away,
along the Cotswold way,
I was right behind you,
Living in the moment,
Breathing in the fresh air,
Listening to the birds and sheep,
Taking in the yellow and the green,
Listening to your footsteps go swish swish,
To have you with me now is all I wish.

25 thoughts to “Cotswolds – right out of a fairy tale”

    1. Yes the pictures speak everything!! You have put it very artistically!! It was nay is indeed heaven on earth. That peace you experienced will take you forward and I understand , is the source of your inner strength. Looking forward to your writings, N. Ramachandra

  1. Your post was picturesque and lovely. The poem was so touching. Your SH has a flair for photography, that pic on reflections was superb. It seems as though u had planned all these photos & videos to write this!! Keep it up. You are blossoming

  2. Mind blowing pictures! If the pictures look so good, I can imagine how the actual experience was. It was hard to pick one fav pic but the one with your reflection in the water as you walk on the bridge is probably the best. And the poem touches your heart. ❤️

  3. “…To have you with me now is all I wish.” Sigh… This leaked by eyes… But then, memories such as these are healthy enough a diet to a stronger mind and then of course there is the aspect of time… As they say “time is the beat healer” LoL(Lots of love)

  4. Thank you Roshini for reliving the memories …Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder….. Ranga… the multi talented Senor…. has created beautiful moments… Though we have drove past these places, but it is refreshing to see them back again…. Beautiful expressions which explains how much these places were enjoyed by you both…..

  5. Lovely! Beautiful pics!
    True that they leave beautiful memories behind. I love the way you have captured the pics.

  6. ‘My sh loved reflections’ – 🙂 so much so that he has become such a beautiful inspiration for you, to make us reflect on the heart-warming beauty of your love and travels! XOXO

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