The Apple of our Eyes – Ranga & Roshni

This is a story of two beautiful human beings, who lived their life to the fullest extent possible.  Living Life to the fullest means, in real natural meaning is to “respect every living thing on the earth” to live happily alongside them, whether it is a dog, insect, ant, cat or people.  This past year has been a revelation to know about the most intense person that I have ever come across.  In the office, I used to solicit solace by standing near the kitchen and watch the air, the building, the clothes flying and getting dried, giving hope to the owner that tomorrow he or she will wear clean and dry clothes, but I did not realize that I would get to know about Rosh during those moment of solace, where she would talk about her experiential of life.  Every time she expressed her moment of happiness or struggle made me think that there is someone who is keeping her happy and making her feel like as if she was the zillion stars in one’s eyes… I wondered that I was the most luckiest person and most loveable person because of my wife (Devima), but I started to think that I have competition in these two beautiful beings who redefined love in strange ways and endured their challenging life by being eternally in love in every way possible, when they walked, when they travelled, when they met a dog or sheep or sat below a tree or strolled in a park in the most exotic places in the world.   Pleasure and pride was not the ultimatum that they were looking, they were finding, identifying, recognizing themselves at such a young age….

While enduring a high pressure and challenging life and being extremely intelligent, they believed in each other and discovered themselves via books, music, art, architecture, pictures, landscapes and nature and the sky was becoming their mirror, they did not even have the slightest imagination that they were embracing the world and told this is how life has to be lived.   For these two the definition of life was to consider the universe as their home, land as their bed, they enriched their life by recognizing everything around them was beautiful….Their intellectual appetite increased their horizons to explore part of life, which takes people many many many years to discover….and here were two people who believed in their values, truths about themselves, and made a pact that Love is like crystal clear water like both of them….

In the past year, used to wonder, why God gave this prince a short living on this earth, where he had the capabilities and potential to embark on a journey which is endless and he could have immensely touched, influenced and enhanced peoples life who came in touch with him…. Did he invest himself…in his health, lifestyle?  Did he know that life is coming to an end? Did he know that he had to give everything possible to his angel? How did these two angels strive to become better, they explored like the travelers to find moments where they would be at immense peace and that is how they kept redefining love…by being unconditional…by living the present moment….by giving their best in whatever they do…..

Never getting an opportunity to meet this prince, I had to see him thru the eyes of the princess…..  After a year of seeing this person…..  I am having to realize that he cared, he lived and loved, he was kind, he was at peace, he was never judgmental, he was thankful, he was a believer…. But he always had the “Apple of his eyes” with him…. Who truly is an “Apple of Your Eyes”… a true angel…. This moment is a true moment to think about this amazing person and human being…..  while he cared and he loved the angel, behind that he focused on getting the best security and freedom for his angel….  He endured thru many books and scriptures to find solace, calmness, confidence, love, peace and more importantly happiness to say that….  I have to keep my angel happy…..

Ranga while you have been instrumental in shaping and bringing magic into Rosh, I will need to have a honest man-to-man conversation with you on my child who has been challenged and asked to endure a year of experience which only she can explain.  Whether you come back into her life as oxygen or any other life form, you are responsible to bring back and keep the sparkle in our child.  She deserves to be happy and while everyone will do rituals for you, we are commemorating this moment thinking about you and the struggle that you went thru with yourself and your yearning abilities to understand Philosophy viz., Marcus Areilius the book on meditation or Seneca’s letters to Lucilius.  Was philosophy your way of understanding life OR were you enduring in high stakes environment to get better on handling challenges and redefining your brain neurons….  You were keen & responsible to understand the dichotomy of minds – Focus on what is in your control vs., what is not in your control….  And your moral ethics and integrity allowed you to inspire and influence other folks life….  Then tell us why the end came so soon…leaving our child in despair, pain and agony….

Now about Rosh the child, this purely is my perspective of the various discussions that we had…. She has endured and persevered a long 1 year, 52 weeks, 365 days….8760 hours, 525600 Minutes,  3.154e+7 Seconds … Unable to comprehend her thoughts, no words to express and no actions to realize… She has done more in the past 1 year than any other year…. Pleading for you to instrument her life and make it more eventful and keep the magic and sparkle in her eyes… Come into her life, into her conscious, into her subconscious and become part of her blood as she embarks into a new zeal for life….  While I may never be able to say that please be happy…. But I have to tell you that…she has made being sad in your remembrance as a refreshing air into her life…and this is what she breathes everyday…. Drinks and eats everyday….  You will need to be part of her life as she passes thru and becomes very successful in every field she endures……

Yes indeed no one can be even a speck of you Ranga, and I challenge that… you will remain in this cosmos and continue to endear and ensure our child is safe, sound and healthy…. For her challenges is like second nature and she has become more tough then ever….but as you know…she is light hearted and continues to see you….. Create the magic that you always wanted to create for your Rosh…..

You both are truly “Apple of my Eyes” and you have given me thought to remember you very differently….God bless you both and will always remain part of our lives….  As we endear the next year…. To see our bright child go thru her best time and overcome all challenges and continues to have the flair to be happy, joyful and blissful….

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